Accessibility Report


At Neko Toys, we are committed to ensuring the accessibility of our website for all users, in compliance with Royal Decree 1112/2018, of September 7, which regulates web accessibility and mobile applications in the public sector.

Compliance status.

Our commitment is to maintain our website,, in partial compliance with the aforementioned accessibility standards, recognizing the following areas for improvement:

Non-accessible content.

The following points highlight specific areas that may not yet be fully compliant:

Color contrasts that may not meet the minimum ratio of 3:1, as required for adjacent background colors.
Non-textual elements that may not be properly labeled for correct interpretation by screen readers.
Search engines that perform automatic searches without explicit user interaction.
Texts in other languages that may not be correctly identified.
Possible isolated code errors that may arise in some pages.
Exclusions and exceptions

We recognize that certain content, such as office documents published prior to September 20, 2018, may not meet all accessibility requirements, although significant effort has been made to update most of it.

Preparation of this statement

This statement was prepared on 11/12/2023, using a self-assessment conducted internally. It was last updated in December 2023.

Feedback and contact

We value your feedback to improve the accessibility of our site. You can contact us to:

Report non-compliances.
Share difficulties accessing content.
Ask questions or make suggestions for improvement.
Contact us by calling (+39) 389 919 7202.

Complaint procedures

If your request for accessible information or complaint is not resolved satisfactorily, you can file a complaint through the Generic Instance of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation e-Headquarters.

Additional accessibility features

Our portal is designed to customize the text size and color, as well as the page background, using your browser’s standard settings.

For detailed instructions on how to change these settings, please visit our help section.

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